GLF Catering

We are pleased to announce that we acquired the first unit of luxurious high end coffee shops. We are actively working on developing this new branch of our business. The first coffee shop is in London. More exiting news to follow.  

GLF fleet

We have increased our fleet with two new vehicles. The new Mercedes Viano for executive travel and Bentley – easily recognizable by the registration plate D4GLF

Kistor Hotel refurbishment

After changing the facade colour, GLF Kistor continues with the refurbishment plan that will make great improvements on the hotel roof, windows and doors. The big chunk of the refurbishment budget would go toward projects that would reduce the property’s environmental footprint. This refurbishment is part of GLF Hotels  on-going commitment to exceeding guest expectations. To maintain […]



3 new hotels

GLF has successfully acquired 3 new hotels since June 2013. We intend to refurbish these hotels to GLF high standards…